The Sixth Avatar.

The story of the sixth avatar of The Blue God, Vishnu retold. 

Vedic India – around 6000 BC

Until then, there was order in Vedic India due to dharma followed by different classes of people. There was prosperity, abundance, justice, and good governance. But slowly the Kings started deviating from their path of dharma. That was the beginning of an era that needed correction.

Rama was born in the family of the great sage Brighu as the child of Jamadagni and Renuka. He is said to be the incarnation of The Blue God, Lord Vishnu. Born as a brahmin, he was more interested in becoming a great warrior. He was destined to end the arrogance and injustice of the ruling class. He wiped out the entire class of Kshatriya warriors from the earth twenty-one times. He had to behead his mother as commanded by his father.

Why did he kill his mother? Will he be forgiven for that heinous crime?

The Sixth Avatar novel is the intricate and fascinating story of Parasurama.


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About Mukesh Alex Vaidya

Mukesh Alex Vaidya is an Amazon bestselling author of fiction and nonfiction

He is a techie-turned author of fiction and nonfiction books. The Secret of Hiram based on the legend of Hiram who built the Temple of Solomon hit the Amazon bestseller list. His nonfiction Bootstrap Dream How to start a tech company from scratch is an authoritative work on startups.

His goal in life is to inspire the readers to follow their dreams and help them to step out of the rat race and live life to the fullest. He follows a simple and lucid writing style and lyrical language.
Born in Kollam, Kerala, he was a voracious reader. He is very passionate about writing and telling stories. He is a curious Author who explores different themes and motifs. As part of the writing process, he loves immersing himself in the books diving headfirst into research and writing organically. He loves history, legends, and myths.