Mukesh Alex Vaidya is Amazon best selling author of The Secret of Hiram novella. He is a also a startup specialist and software architect. He writes fiction and non-fiction.

Bootstrap Dream – How to start a tech company from scratch is his upcoming non-fiction

The Sixth Avatar is his upcoming historical adventure fiction trilogy.

Bootstrap Dream – How to start a tech company from scratch

Starting up a tech company can change your life forever. From rat race to a life full of significance and fulfilment. Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk…. imagine your name next to that.
If Starting up a tech company is so exciting why not a lot of people follow that route. It is due to the perception that corporate jobs will be more secure. In fact not. Lay off are a regular affair in big MNCs. The fact is that we seldom hear the news in popular media.

Those who dare to startup jump the bandwagon without much preparation. And that leads to the statistics that, 90 % of the startups fail in the first five years. But with proper preparation the chances of launching successful startups are higher and more secure than a corporate job. There are three biggest challenges every startup faces
1) Money
2) Mentor
3) Time
And the number one reason iis the lack of proper mentorship. Without the trillion-dollar coach Bill Campbell many of the poster boys of Silicon Valley might have never heard beyond the streets of Palo Alto.

Bootstrap Dream – How to start a tech company from the scratch? book will bridge the gap of a good mentor. It’s a primer and road map for you to focus on the essential things which matter.